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Rick Alden Artie Krehbiel (co-founder FLF Films) Earl Zeller, Bonnie and Jim Zellers Hargraves Brothers (Carey, Eldon) and Barfoot (center) Chuck Barfoot and Keith Kimmel Chuck Barfoot and Tina Basich Kristin Bedard Andy Berendsen Don Bostick and Artie Krehbiel Don Bostick Mike Chantry and Keith “Slasher” Kimmel Mike Chantry and Mark Vitelli Scott Clum Dino XX Tom Collins and Edgar “P” Rivera Kristy Elder XX and XX Shawn Farmer, Steve Link, Dave Alden Jeff Fulton Mike Jacoby and Terry Kidwell at Start Keith Kimmel Kevin Delaney Revin Kevin Delaney Dino on Funky Bostick, Joel Gomez, Bob Klein Wallace and Carey Hargraves Heather Mills Tom Hsieh, Jr and Chuck Barfoot Lisa Hudson and Chuck Barfoot Ishi and Barfoot Keith Kimmel, Jim Zellers Mike Taylor Dennis Nazari Norm Saylor and Chuck Barfoot Pauley Johansen Cameron Beck Salomon Arthur Sims Retro 2013 Evan Feen, Barfoot, Mike Chantry, Kidwell Kevin Kinnear, Chuck Barfoot, Terry Kidwell, Matt Donovan Kidwell, Link, Jacoby, Routh Bob Lichty Sims Team plus Keith Kimmel Chris Roach – Scott Downey Chris Roach Chris Roach Sims Team Smokin Jay Scott Starr