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Sokol Blosser in Dundee Hills, Oregon

The Pinot Noir grape is one temperamental fruit. To thrive, it needs a particular climate found in Burgundy, France and, coincidentally, where the 85-acre Sokol Blosser estate resides in the Dundee Hills of Oregon. Higher elevation, warmer nighttime temperatures and less low-elevation fog help protect our grapes in the iron-rich, fertile and well-drained red Jory […]

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Epic Fitness in Salem, Oregon

Completed a Google Photoshoot for Epic Fitness in Salem, Oregon. The fitness center was appropriately named with awesome facility, staff, and friendly clientele. Click the image below for the virtual tour. View Larger Map

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McMenamins Pub and Old Church in Wilsonville, Oregon

Photographed McMenamins while I waited for my daughter to be finished with her dance class tonight.

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