Sokol Blosser in Dundee Hills, Oregon

The Pinot Noir grape is one temperamental fruit. To thrive, it needs a particular climate found in Burgundy, France and, coincidentally, where the 85-acre Sokol Blosser estate resides in the Dundee Hills of Oregon. Higher elevation, warmer nighttime temperatures and less low-elevation fog help protect our grapes in the iron-rich, fertile and well-drained red Jory soil of the Dundee Hills.

IdeaBox @ the Portland Home and Garden Show

ideabox-portland expo
IdeaBox Exterior, Portland Home and Garden Show, Portland Expo

ideabox-portland expo
IdeaBox Interior, Portland Home and Garden Show, Portland Expo

Cool wood treatments throughout and lots of light in every room which is very important in the sun-deprived Northwest.