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Int’l Snowboard Magazine – Ken Achenbach, Pioneer

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Mike Chantry, “Master Blaster” Snowboarding Pioneer

Mike Chantry, Homewood Ski Area, Lake Tahoe, 1988 Mike Chantry, Sand Mountain, Nevada 1988 Excerpt from Lee Crane’s story at Transworld Snowboarding, History of Halfpipe: In 1978, resorts in California’s Lake Tahoe basin hadn’t realized snowboarding’s potential and refused to allow snowboards on their mountains. Because of this, snowboarders spent most of their free time […]

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Tom Burt and Damian Sanders, Snowboard Pioneers

Tom Burt and Damian Sanders at Mt. Rose Nevada before mainstream ski area acceptance, 1987 Tom Burt and Damian Sanders were two of the original founding fathers of snowboarding. While Damian’s freestyle flare and movie debuts drove mainstream acceptance and explosive growth, Tom (and Jim and Bonnie Zellars) fathered the backcountry movement in early media. […]

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Protected: Trends 2011, Snowboard and Ski Graphic Predictions

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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John Cardiel – Skate and Snow

John Cardiel, FS Rock-N-Roll, Original Burnside Bowl, Portland, Oregon, 1991 One of the easiest riders I ever had the luck to work with was John Cardiel. I’m glad to hear that John is recovering from being hit by a very large truck many years ago. Our roadtrip was the first story that I had ever […]

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Christian Hosoi – Raging Waters

Christian Hosoi, Raging Waters Ramp, San Jose, 1987 My best subjects for learning action photography came from the skate scene. In the mid-80’s,Christian Hosoi, Stevie Caballero, Lance Mountain, Chris Miller, and many others provided hours of entertainment, learning, and awe.

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