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Craig Kelly – Legend

Craig Kelly Backside, Soda Springs, Sims World Championships, 1985 At the third world championships, Craig ruled the pipe along with Kidwell, Kimmel, and Palmer. Craig had just picked up his sponsorship from Tom Sims a month before, and he’s sporting Raybans, Moto Gloves and Levis. In this photo it’s funny to see people sitting on […]

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Chuck Barfoot – Lake Tahoe

Jamie Johnston, Chuck Barfoot, and Brian Judge at Carson Pass, Lake Tahoe, 1984 My first day of snowboarding was quite a challenge not even considering the camera equipment in a fanny pack on my ass. Chuck, Jamie, Brian and I hiked the flats at Carson Pass to reach a small ridgeline where the snow was […]

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Photo of Ian Ruhter – Lake Tahoe

One of world’s most influential and respected snowboard photographers,Ian Ruhter could boost big air with the best of the snowboarding pros. Photographed here in Carson Pass, Lake Tahoe in 1994.

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Train Jump by Andy Hetzel (and Temple Cummins)

Andy Hetzel, Donner Lake, 1995 More to follow, but you can watch the real time video here on the U-tube.

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Tim Windell – Windell’s Snowboard Camp

Tim Windell, 1988, Chris Karol Snowboard Camp Halfpipe, Mt. Hood Timberline Tim Windell owns a snowboard camp at Mt. Hood and he was an original pro. Pictured here he rips the Chris Karol Snowboard Camp pipe in 1988.

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