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Bud Fawcett Photo Retrospective, Feb 4-27 at Pheasant Run Winery Tasting Room

A new exhibit of the Bud Fawcett Photo Retrospective will start at the tasting room of the Pheasant Run Winery in downtown Aurora, Oregon. The photographer’s reception will be held at the opening from 6-10 pm this Friday, February 4. Food and a great wine sampling are available for a fee. This retrospective contains 16 […]

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Craig Kelly – Legend

Craig Kelly Backside, Soda Springs, Sims World Championships, 1985 At the third world championships, Craig ruled the pipe along with Kidwell, Kimmel, and Palmer. Craig had just picked up his sponsorship from Tom Sims a month before, and he’s sporting Raybans, Moto Gloves and Levis. In this photo it’s funny to see people sitting on […]

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Legendary Banked Slalom, Old Snowboard Photos

Terry Kidwell, Bob Klein and Tom Sims at the First Legendary Banked Slalom at Mt. Baker, WA in 1985. This month marks the 24th anniversary of the event. Toms Sims, 1st Terry Kidwell, 2nd Ken Achenbach, 3rd And Bob Klein was 5th

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