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Terry Kidwell, Father of Freestyle

Terry Kidwell 1986
Terry Kidwell, 1986, Donner Quarterpipe, Lake Tahoe

Terry Kidwell is the father of freestyle. He’s not old enough to be called the grandfather of freestyle, although some of today’s riders never knew his credentials! ‘Donner Ski Ranch’ was one of the first Tahoe resorts to allow snowboarding and remains very popular especially the east face which hides some cool stashes like the original ‘Donner Quarterpipe’ where Kidwell, Joel Gomez, Scott Clum, Damien Sanders, Keith Kimmel perfected freestyle before the big resorts joined in.

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  • victoria rose woodward, July 10, 2009 at 10:29 am

    happy birthday tothe father of freestyle july11,1963